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New Changes Bring New Opportunities

In 2015 the Provincial Government of British Columbia changed the Strata Properties Act to allow for the sale of Strata Properties when an 80% voting threshold is met amongst owners. Since its implementation, there has been over 500 million dollars in wind-up transactions.

4 Reasons You Should Sell

Massive Valve

The growing demand for Rental Apartments means that investors and developers a-like are looking for Multi-Family Rental Buildings with upside just like yours!

State Of Disrepair

is your building falling apart? Looking at a massive assessment? Assembling your Strata may be the way to maximize profit while limiting your costs


Has your local municipal government just released a new Community Plan or zoning by-law? Your Strata might qualify for a lucrative re-development

Maximize Profit.

Assembling your Strata as a group is the best way to increase your profit potential. This may be that winning investment you need.

This Is Us

Let Us Earn Your Trust

The core of our business is you, the homeowner, you deserve the best representation as well as all the facts. This means ensuring that you have a positive experience through our unique approach of empowering owners with timely and accurate market information to make the right decision when considering a Wind-Up scenario.

Our Mission

We believe in challenging the status quo. As a boutique team we earn stakeholder’s trust by providing focused and specialized commercial real estate services. We deliver a tailored experience designed to empower our clients in reaching meaningful value in their community and real estate investment.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to be the premiere provider of innovative services and information to clients looking to wind up, assemble or liquidate strata properties.

Let’s Take A Load Of Your Shoulders

Assembling your Strata is a challenging process. It is emotional, time-consuming, and expensive; but it doesn’t have to be. With our team of Strata Lawyers, Realtors, Development Consultants, and Transition Teams, selling, buying, and moving are much easier than it could ever be.

Why Work With Us?

Understanding the needs of our clients.

Effective communication.

Structured marketing solutions.

Seizing opportunities to deliver a competitive advantage.

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